Another Update – Scoop and Music Boxer

Posted on: September 14th, 2011 by J. Allen

It’s time for another update! Whoohoo! We’re sure you can barely contain the excitement you are feeling in your genitals at the moment. We bet you are probably saying to yourself “oh my god! I hope they update me on The Scoop and Music Boxer!”

Well guess what! We are totally gonna update you on The Scoop and Music Boxer, right here, right now. So strap yourself in and feel the burn.

The Scoop News
The Scoop News keeps on keeping on. As we write this we have pulling together the story ideas for next month’s issue. We think it’s going to be a pretty funny issue. Maybe the funniest we’ve had in awhile. Of course this new issue is full of sex and drug jokes because that’s what we do… we guess. We don’t know why. Actually we do. It usually comes down to laziness. When we don’t feel like working through something we just throw in a sex and/or drug joke. Works every time.

One change with The Scoop is that we will soon be killing the whole Section 2. We don’t update it anymore and Music Boxer has taken much of the content that would have gone on Section 2 anyways. So… that will go away. As a result, the Columns feature on this site will probably become even more sparse. Maybe. We’ll see. There is something that will likely keep the columns part moving with new content… but more on that in a minute.

Music Boxer
Music Boxer is picking up steam. We’ve gotten into a routine there and found a voice for the site and traffic is picking up. It’s still nowhere near The Scoop numbers but it’s getting there.

We now have podcasts on the site. We’ve done two so far and should be able to get into a reliable schedule for them. We’ve also just filmed a couple new videos for it so we should be able to get those up soon as well.

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