Peter McNeil is Back… Almost (Update One of Many)

Posted on: September 6th, 2011 by J. Allen

We were putting together a huge update on all the things we have going on but since we have so much going on and since it’s taking us forever to write up all the shit we have going on we decided to break out all the news into a couple different updates. That way, those of you that read this site don’t have to read one long-ass update and instead can just read a whole bunch of short updates posted over the course of a couple weeks.

Sound good? Well, here’s hoping we actually update all the stuff we need to update.

So here goes. The first update is about our radio show/podcast.

Peter McNeil
Episode 5 is mostly recorded. And by “mostly” we mean it is all recorded except for Aaron’s part for the second half of the episode. We are editing together the first half of the episode and should have it up on iTunes shortly. And by “shortly” we mean the end of the week. We’d have had it done sooner if the Brass Bells Society didn’t take all of our attention for three months at the beginning of summer (more on that later).

In addition to the new episode, we are going to start a pretty serious marketing push for the new “season” of Peter McNeil. We will have posters and download cards (like the iTunes cards you get at Starbucks) as well as (hopefully sooner than later) a webstore! Whoo-hoo! And hopefully you are aware that the website is up and running. The website will be going through some design changes but it’s functional right now. We will also start updating the site with profiles on the people behind the voices. The actors we guess you could call them. So that will be fun too.

And Peter McNeil is on Twitter. We haven’t really been updating that as much as we’d like but we will start on that too with the new marketing push we are doing. When we have the download cards and posters done we’ll post a link so you can check them out.

Peter McNeil on Twitter

We’ve started writing episode six and have a handful of ideas to round out the next four episodes. The plan is (tentatively) to put the shows out in groups of four. And with each show consisting of two parts, that’s eight installments that will constitute a “season.” Again, that is subject to change because we constantly have new shit pop-up on us as well as all the old shit we are supposed to do.

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