Annual Spring Update

Posted on: April 11th, 2011 by J. Allen

I, J. Allen, am writing this from a plane to New Jersey while Aaron wanders around London. That isn’t necessarily a brag as it is a metaphor for why we haven’t been updating this here blog that much. We seem to be finding ourselves with a lot of things (including ourselves) up in the air all at once. While that’s almost always been the case for us it just seems like over the last year it’s become even more true.

We have so many things going on right now. Some things we can talk about. Some things we can’t talk about yet because we don’t have that much to say or we don’t want to jinx ourselves.

The biggest, and perhaps best, thing that we are spending a majority of our time on is Peter McNeil, PI. That’s our “old timey” radio show podcast thing. Over the past year we’ve produced four full episodes and are right in the middle of production on the fifth. Peter McNeil is a tremendous amount of fun and it’s allowing us to bring a lot of our friends in on the fun as well. Now that we have four full episodes up on iTunes (yes, it’s on iTunes – that’s how we are rolling these days) we are going to start marketing the show a lot more aggressively. We are always hesitant to market our shit because we have a tendency (as those of you know that are long time followers of ours) to start shit and then get tired of it really fast *cough*bubbasmoviemomements*cough*. But now that we are on a pretty regular schedule for McNeil we can start getting some marketing material out there.

On the video front we also have some things brewing. We recently made a really bad (on purpose) video for the Colorado Avalanche which, if you haven’t seen, you can see here. But we have also filmed some stuff for the next, long-overdue Sacrilicious episode. Hopefully we’ll have the time to get that all finished by Summer. Two of the skits that we’ve filmed are the E-Settle and Role Playing skits we’ve been talking about doing for the last several years. I am also writing a new, full half-hour short film which I hope to begin shooting this Summer.

We’ve started a new website/blog thing called Stuff that Scares White People. We aren’t updating it as often as we want but it we’ll get there. We have ANOTHER new blog coming soon that we have big plans for and once we get that up and running and can prove to ourselves that we can make it a) funny, and b) regularly updated we’ll let the world know about it.

For Music Boxer we’ve started shooting videos and we’ve even started a (hopefully) monthly(ish) podcast. You can check out the videos here and listen to the podcast here. I’m posting on the Music Boxer blog pretty regular now and we are getting to the point where the other content (features, reviews, videos, podcasts) are coming out a little more regularly.

And of course there is The Scoop. We are still doing The Scoop every month. The Scoop will always take priority over all the shit we are doing (even over day jobs).

While that’s not it for us, that is all I’m gonna talk about here today. I still have a couple hours left in this flight so I’ll probably kick back and watch some porn or something.

Peace out.

J. Allen

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