Peter McNeil Ep 2 and a new Music Boxer vid

Posted on: July 30th, 2010 by J. Allen

In case you haven’t subscribed to our new Peter McNeil, PI radio show/podcast thing on iTunes… We’ve uploaded part 1 of the brand new Peter McNeil episode! This time around our favorite private investigator take a trip (get it?) to the docks and some dark alley opium dens looking for some chick’s missing brother. Awesome right! Totally awesome.

Anywho, you can download the podcast from iTunes by clicking here:

And in case you haven’t seen it, the Peter McNeil, PI official website is up and running! Yay! You can check that out by going here:

But that’s not all! Hell no. I told you last time that we’ve been busy. We recorded another video for Music Boxer. The video features us listing the best songs that are not about sex and/or drugs. Hard to do right? Totally hard to do. You can watch the video right here:

That’s it for now. Even more coming soon! We are, after all, busy, busy busy.

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