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The Brothers Bell
Random Spring 2010 photos

August 18, 2010

Summer time is really only good for one thing – vacations. It’s way too fucking hot to do anything around the house so it’s just best to get the hell out of town for a couple weeks. While we may not be experts in much, we are experts in not working. In fact, we’ve perfected the art of vacationing. Some people take time off to lounge around the house or pack up the entire family to visit other family members. Not us. That shit is dumb and a waste of not working days.

We competed (again) in the Red Bull Soap Box Race but unlike last year... we didn't finish the race. But at least we were on Sports Center.

Posted on September 14, 2011 by J. Allen

Itís time for another update! Whoohoo! Weíre sure you can barely contain the excitement you are feeling in your genitals at the moment. We bet you are probably saying to yourself ďoh my god! I hope they update me on The Scoop and Music Boxer!Ē

Well guess what! We are totally gonna update you on The Scoop and Music Boxer, right here, right now. So strap yourself in and feel the burn.

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Posted on September 06, 2011 by J. Allen

We were putting together a huge update on all the things we have going on but since we have so much going on and since itís taking us forever to write up all the shit we have going on we decided to break out all the news into a couple different updates. That way, those of you that read this site donít have to read one long-ass update and instead can just read a whole bunch of short updates posted over the course of a couple weeks.

Sound good? Well, hereís hoping we actually update all the stuff we need to update.

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Posted on April 11, 2011 by J. Allen

I, J. Allen, am writing this from a plane to New Jersey while Aaron wanders around London. That isnít necessarily a brag as it is a metaphor for why we havenít been updating this here blog that much. We seem to be finding ourselves with a lot of things (including ourselves) up in the air all at once. While thatís almost always been the case for us it just seems like over the last year itís become even more true.

We have so many things going on right now. Some things we can talk about. Some things we canít talk about yet because we donít have that much to say or we donít want to jinx ourselves.

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Posted on November 08, 2010 by J. Allen

Well, damn. It's been a while since we've updated this site. I guess the simple reason is that we've been crazy fucking busy. Busy with what? With work, life, projects, and more importantly, our creative output.

This site has suffered but our other sites are flourishing. In fact, the number of sites we run has increased. We've added a new website to the embefive network - Stuff That Scares White People!

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Posted on July 30, 2010 by J. Allen

In case you haven't subscribed to our new Peter McNeil, PI radio show/podcast thing on iTunes... We've uploaded part 1 of the brand new Peter McNeil episode! This time around our favorite private investigator take a trip (get it?) to the docks and some dark alley opium dens looking for some chick's missing brother. Awesome right! Totally awesome.

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